August 3, 2020

Psycho-Social Disability Alliance – Pakistan


#whatWEneed is a greater understanding of mental health and psycho-social disabilities. We need to know who we are and what our rights are. The community as a whole needs to open up and accept us. Through strong community support not only can we help others heal but also create a culture of empathy and support. #whatWENeed #Whattheworldneeds

Psycho-Social Disability Alliance यांनी वर पोस्ट केले मंगळवार, २३ ऑक्टोबर, २०१८

#whatWEneed is for the community to be more supportive and inclusive. What we fail to realize as a society is that with support, we can actually make the lives of people who have battles to fight easier. The society is an evil place. It wants you to be alive and live your life but it considers you a weakling if you want to be loved. It is perfectly fine to fake a smile and hate yourself but it is not okay to cry in front of others because weaklings cry. When we hear the news about a person committing suicide, we immediately assume what a loser s/he was. When we hear about a kid dying from a drug overdose, we immediately believe that s/he was reckless. We assume and pity such people. However, the truth is we are the ones to be felt sorry for. We have these built in stigmas where it is not okay for a man to be depressed or cry because they are supposed to be strong, right? We consider persons with psychosocial disabilities to be weaklings and not in their right state of mind. We ridicule them, call them retarded and then tell them its all in their head.It is not okay to kill yourself but it is also not okay to get so caught up in living for yourself that you ignore others. Sometimes all a person needs is someone to understand. We never know how much a simple ' You look beautiful', might help someone. Or something as simple as ' Are you okay?' might make help someone find the support they need.Instead of doing small acts of kindness or helping the ones close to us, we prefer medications in the belief that something is wrong with their mind. We institutionalize them, disgrace them, divide them, and then ask where things went wrong? The solution does not lie in the medications rather in the abitility to listen.This is #whatWEneed and #whattheworldneeds

Psycho-Social Disability Alliance यांनी वर पोस्ट केले मंगळवार, ९ ऑक्टोबर, २०१८
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